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Customer Comments and Photos

If you have purchased a horse from Southwind Ranch, we would love to hear about it! Feel free to write your own testimonial along with a picture and email it to southwind@netwurx.net!

Testimonial Photo I bought Bads Lucky Shamrock, "Tess" (now called badger, coming from WI and all, haha) from you in March. I started working her on the pattern in May and placed in the 3D at her first barrel race in July. She has an awesome 4 wheel drive "scattery" turning style that helps her stand up on any ground I've put her on. She's gone on weekend-long trips and has expoed at rodeos- handled it all like a ...champ. She's taken to roping as well, doing great on the hot heels and has even been on live cows- she may be my husbands next heel horse! Just started her on poles as well and she is already losing me around the end poles, haha! She is as smart as they come, picking up everything quickly! Thanks again!

I purchased this guy from you back in 2004. He has been my steady Eddie do everything horse. He went out west to college with me, where we rode to school often. He has jumped, showed, worked cows, drug logs and everything in between. This big ole grade gelding has been a great horse to show me the ropes. He has now become my husbands mount. He has been sound and willing all the 10 years I've owned him. He's become a permanent family member and I thank you for brining him into my life. Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo Thank you Southwind Ranch for selling me a sound, safe, sane, dream horse! I bought "Spree" a beautiful buckskin mare from you last fall after looking for nearly two years in a tri state area! This super sweet girl has been camping with us, done two parades, pulled a sled loaded with kids as well as logg...ed miles and miles of trails! We named her ZI SAPA ( Lakota, for yellow and black) enjoy her everyday and couldn't love her more! It was great to have no pressure to buy so we could be sure she would be the right fit for us. Your facility is beautiful and your family was a pleasure to work with! Thank you again!
Tammy Tomomitsu

Testimonial Photo Thanks Justine and Mike, for helping me find David his first horse and a new show horse who has only been with us for 2 weeks, and has stolen our hearts and will remain with us until the end! Malibu is an absolute babysitter who has taken my little sisters who have just started riding on trail rides and has given David the right practice to start his riding career. For the advance rider like myself she is proving to be a nice all a round mount who we plan to get showing in the Pinto circuit next month with! She is absolutely amazing! Her blues eyes are what caught my attention the first time and will always do so!

Thanks, Chey and David from Oconomowoc
Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo Thanks so much Mike, Connie and girls for finding us such a great pony for our son Dusty. Billy (Cactus Jack) fits the bill perfectly for what we were looking for in a pony. At 13 ˝ hh he is just the right size for our son to be able to enjoy for many years to come. He is so well broke that he rides just like Dads big horse and has the perfect to temperament to allow us to pony him till Dusty is a little older to take over the reins. You made our experience with purchasing a pony from you worry free as he is everything you said he would be. We will most definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a well broke child safe horse or pony.

Angie, John & Dusty
Testimonial Photo

I want to thank Mike and Connie for their patience and honesty with me when I bought my first horse. As a 50 year old, beginner rider I needed to get a horse that would suit my skill level. I bought Dillon, a beautiful buckskin gelding in 2006 and he has been the perfect horse for me. He is kind, well mannered and has taken very good care of me as I have worked to improve my riding skills. He is the type of horse that will adjust to whatever I need. As I improve, he gives me more, if Im not riding properly he will dial it down for me, never taking advantage. To have a horse like that along with a wonderful personality and good looks....priceless. He will be 22 this year and is full of life. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful partner. Thank you Mike and Connie for making this a pleasurable experience.

Kris Lother
Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo We bought Holly, formally known as Trudy from Southwind Ranch in March of 2009. We both knew then she was special, she was built nice and gentle just as described. The whole process was smooth and comfortable. Mike let us talk it over and never pressured us. We got her home and were very happy. She has been a dream! With her great lines and good looks we hope to take her far. She just got home from 2 months of pro reining training and the trainer stated she was one of her favorites. Overall it was a great experience and we would recommend anyone to go to Southwind Ranch for their next horse wether it be for trails, performance, or just a pet! Thanks again!
Travis and Cady in New London, WI

"I just wanted to thank Mike and his girls for taking the time to help us find the right horse. We couldn't be happier with Kip, he is a perfect addition to our family and we love him so much. Kip is the horse that Mike said he was and it's refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely honest about the horses they are selling. I would never hesitate to buy another horse from Mike and have recommended him to many of my friends.
Thanks again,"

"I really liked horse camp. The horses were great. I learned a lot and had soooo much fun! I would highly recommend it to any horse lover."   Emily

"My daughter loves horses so to be able to give her a day doing what she loves was awesome. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. She spent all day with horses riding them, grooming and learning the responsibilities that comes with horse ownership. The price was reasonable and the facilities clean. It was a great day and now she takes riding lessons at Southwind Ranch."   Judy S
Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo "Day camp at Southwind Ranch was really fun, I wish i could come back soon. My favorite part was washing my horse."

Testimonial Photo Hi Mike and Connie,
Leo has a great personality, and loves people. He is also very athletic. Although most people say he is the wrong breed, color, height, etc. Leo has recently been showing on the Wisconsin Hunter Jumper Association "B" Circuit, and is proving them wrong!!! He loves to jumps and is excelling in his new discipline Here is a picture to prove!
Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo
Testimonial Photo
Connie, Mike and girls,

Thank you so much for the experience you gave my four grandchildren.
They continue to talk about the wonderful time they had. Even, Hayden who was afraid of the horses found the cats and dog to be very entertaining. My daughter-in-laws and I truly appreciate your safety consciousness and patience.
Thank you again for the wonderful experence.
Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo

Good afternoon Mike and Connie,

I just wanted to share this with you: http://www.beloitdailynews.com/articles/2009/05/26/news/top_news/news2602.txt

We delivered him Saturday. Olivia was so surprised! And she even got on and rode him that day with my instruction of course. Thanks again Mike and Connie!


Testimonial Photo Macy is a great horse and we are doing very well together, I love her very much.   Thanks so much!   Leigh

Testimonial Photo I had a tall order for Mike. Find a SAFE horse, one that is handy and responsive in the arena, knows a canter cue, that can also trail ride without coming unglued. It must have comfortable gaits, a personality that is nice to be around and all those other little things that make up a good horse, along with being healthy.
It didn't take him long to come up with Sam. He's terrific in the arena, does all the fancy moves. His canter is like the most comfortable rocking chair. He's a wonderful trail horse, birds have flown up in his face and he didn't even twitch an ear although I must say I was startled. It doesn't matter what the weather is, hot, cold, raining, big gusty winds, this boy rides the same even after an 8 day vacation. As an added bonus, he's a gorgeous color with big expressive eyes. To top it all off he has the personality of Mr. Ed! He's just FUN. I couldn't have gotten a better horse if I'd have been able to assemble one from scratch. I couldn't be happier, and to think I was just about to give up on horses. Thank you Mike, Sam is a gem!
Sincerely, Barb
Testimonial Photo

Testimonial Photo I am so happy with the horse I bought from Mike L. at Southwind Ranch. My horse is everything and then some that Mike said she was. I love the honesty and the pride Mike takes in placing the right horse with the right buyer. Mike knows his horses and only sells quality sound animals. If anything ever happens to the horse I purchased from Mike, he is the person I would go back to, to help me find another horse. I can trust what Mike says about the horses he sells. He would never sell an animal that wasn’t sound, or a good horse. I have found my forever horse with Mike and Connie at Southwind Ranch.

Thank you so very much.

Very lucky to have found this horse you sold me!   Margo and Doug

Hello Connie,

Just wanted to say thanks for today. Justine and Sarah did great with Lilly today. She was talking in her own way most of the way home. Needless to say she was quite happy after we left.

Thought you'd like to see the happy girls in action......
Testimonial Photo